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Bob ( Lug1)

Postby Lug1 on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:29 am

Originally from NY I moved to Florida in 1990. My photography interests started back in the early 1980s when my parents bought me a Ricoh point and shoot. I was able to take that camera with me and record my life in the military at the time. I finally got hooked when I went on a 5 day safari in Africa and watched as others were able to shoot what I thought were great images and when I looked at my shots and they were nothing more then dots on a film. I have been shooting since and currently shoot with a Nikon D80. I have had minor sucess from stock and expect to only get better with time. I have gone on some excursions with Jim and have learned tons from his experience. I enjoy shooting just about anything but weddings... ughhh. i guess a bad experience will do that to you... :D
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