Silver Salmon Creek - from Sid

Sid Garige's trip to Silver Salmon Creek to photograph brown bears

Silver Salmon Creek - from Sid

Postby jamesfc on Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:16 am

Hello all,

Some of you already know me and some of you may not. My name is Sid
Garige and I am a photo enthusiast like many of you. Few years back I
ran into Jim Caldwell on canon 10D forum and worked on various projects
during last 3 years. It is wonderful to see Elusive Images shaping into
a nice resource and also a big thanks to Jim for all his guidance and
help he provided me in last 3 years.

Photographing bears in Alaska is really a dream come through. Seeing all
those great images of bears on other nature photography forums, I always
dreamed of heading there and make a few image of my own. Finally, I
decided to make a trip for July 4th weekend to Silver Salmon Creek
Lodge. This lodge is located in Lake Clark National park on western
shores of Cook Inlet. You can get more details on SSCL at

I will be spending 4 and ½ days at SSCL photographing bears. Primary
objective is to make some portraits of Alaskan Brown bears. This time
of the year also provides good opportunities for landscapes and wild
flower macro images. I will be also making a trip to puffin rookery to
photograph some horned puffins. I am carrying my D300, 200-400mm, 1.7x,
70-200mm and 18-135mm Nikon lenses.

I will post another update as soon as I reach SSCL.


"May the light be with you."
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