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Alamy search stats - July 2009

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:55 am
by jamesfc
Summer is always a slow time for publishers and image sales and with the state of the economy, this summer has been slower than usual. A couple of months ago I had dozens of my images added to lightboxes every day, now perhaps one or two, so I thought I would check out the latest stats and see what image buyers were actually purchasing.

My first surprise is in the last 30 days, Alamy sold seven images of butterflies. Well, I have hundreds of images of various butterflies (from Florida, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru!) - but I haven't had a single butterfly image looked at this month. Sigh.

Aboriginal art is next at 4 sales. Well, you got me there, although I do have an image of a chimpanzee doing finger painting (and that image has already sold a number of times).

The aboriginal art is actually tied with several other images: eden project, fashion 1952, letters, main repairing, older couple, and woman senior thinking. Next in line is a stroud market at 3 sales (I had to look this one up, it's a farmer's market in Gloucestershire, England), then for sale - UK house, empty jury box, and dodgy man - all very British!

I skimmed through the rest of the sales (ones and twos) and didn't really see anything that I would have in my collection - so it comes down to a slow and weird summer - sales wise.

Re: Alamy search stats - July 2009

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:59 am
by Lug1
Hmm hopefully during my trip down under I will be able to get some images of Aboriginal art. Of course by then Ice Bergs will be all the